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In highly frequented washrooms with an ever-changing group of users, choosing commercial and bathroom taps can be a challenge. When choosing taps for a busy washroom it's important to consider water efficiency, vandalism and hygiene. Franke has designed a wide range of high-quality sensor taps, non concussive taps, bib taps and manual taps in order to meet the requirements of public use. Discover the range of F5, F3 and entry level tap ranges below.

FRAMIC technology

ceramic tap cartridge for hygienic water flow

FRAMIC (Franke Modular Innovation Cartdrige) - the world's first ceramic self-closing cartridge sets new accents in sanitation technology with reliable quality, long service life and permanent fitness for use. It enables stagnation-free, hydraulic control of water flow. The operation of the innovative FRAMIC cartridge is flow pressure-independent thanks to its media-separating design.

Saving water and money...

Water resources are becoming scarcer, therefore it is important to consider options on how to lower the amount of water used in everyday life. In today's commercial buildings the desire to design green systems has never been higher. It is a designers, architects or engineers goal not only to provide a practical design but also to keep usage to a minimum and energy efficiency to a maximum. Touchless and sensor taps can often reduce water wastage with low flow rates along with smart technology which reduces water when a user is soaping their hands, along with high efficiency, touchless taps also provide excellent hygiene benefits.

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Franke taps

In highly frequented washrooms with an ever-changing group of users, it is important to chose taps which reduce the impact of water wastage and vandalism, and ensure efficient hygiene. Discover the new range of F5, F3 and traditional taps that are suitable for all commercial applications.


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Our latest range of freestanding hand sanitiser and soap dispensers alongside all-in-one wash basins and touch-free taps and soap dispensers.