Bespoke solutions

Standard solutions are not always suitable and don't always meet the requirements of the installation. Thanks to many years of experience and continuous investment in development, planning, design and provision of solutions, Franke Water Systems meets all the requirements of architects, planners as well as investors and users.

Franke stainless steel

Customised solutions made of stainless steel

Wherever standard solutions do not fit, or where they fail to satisfy the installation requirements, Franke Water Systems provides the specialist knowledge and capabilities to develop, plan, design and create solutions that meet the needs of architects, planners and developers.

Franke stainless steel

Customised solutions made of Miranit

Cast in a single mould without adhesive seams or joints. We can create your very own unique design of Miranit washbasins. The choice is yours:

  • A unique composite material with the choice of high gloss or solid matte finish
  • Standard or bespoke sizes and shapes
  • Up to 3.6 metres can be achieved in a single mould without seams or joints
  • Additional integrated accessories
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees
  • Commerical grade.

Design your own...

We have a range of design options for bespoke products, including the bowl shape and style of the washbasin, there are also new design features which you can choose from. The following options are available:

VARIUS washbasins - Custom-made flexibility

As the main component of any washroom, the washbasin is a constant source of new challenges with respect to modern, yet timeless design, adaptability to special conditions, offering stylistic freedom, functionality, durability and compatibility with other products.

Even more flexible, even more adaptable, and can be designed to be highly individual.

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Elegant washbasins made of MIRANIT

Flexibility and versatility for modern sanitary facilities

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