Two brands, one healthcare solution

Franke has been specialising in products for commercial washrooms for over 200 years, and Dart Valley Systems are a market leader in the field of water-saving products along with automated washroom solutions for more than 30 years. 

Together we form Franke Water Systems, providing one washroom solution and have the capability to cover some of the most demanding environments.

Wonderfully hygienic hand washing solutions from Franke Water Systems

Franke’s healthcare products are manufactured from robust, hygienic materials. VariusMed Miranit composite basins are cast in a single mould without adhesive seams or joints. The Miranit Gelcoat surface is highly durable, hygienic and easy to clean. DVS branded EZ-HC spouts and sensors have been designed for surgeons. The programmable run-on time and the ability to clean in an autoclave reduces the risk of waterborne pathogens and ensures excellent levels of hygiene.

Superior products for healthcare environments