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Instant Boiling Water Installation Advice

Instant Boiling Water Installation Advice

We have found that we come across three or four main issues affecting boiling water taps, that if avoided on installation would mean happier customers. We’ve put together a simple guide which we hope you’ll find useful, and help prevent any future ‘product issues’.

What is Tectonite?

  •     Resistance to high temperature (300°C/572°F)
  •     Water repellent, easy to clean surface
  •     UV resistant coating (no de-colourizing)
  •     Tectonite can be recycled 100%
  •     Easy handling and installation due to the light material

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Download Franke Installation Instructions and Templates

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Latest Franke Installation videos

Sometimes the most effective way to learn how to fit a product is to watch an expert demonstrate.

Here you will find a range of step-by-step installation videos for assistance when fitting Franke products.



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