Waste disposal made wonderful


Franke innovation doesn't end with sinks and taps. We strive to make your life easier in every aspect of your kitchen with a range of convenient and practical kitchen solutions. 

From dealing with unsightly household waste in a hygienic manner to effortlessly sorting waste for recycling, they are designed to save time and to incorporate kitchen essentials discreetlly into kitchen units, so that you can maintain a clean, uncluttered kitchen. 

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Franke Food Waste Disposal Units

All Franke Waste Disposal Units offer easy operation, instant grinding speed and unbeatable guarantees as standard.

The new Franke Turbo Elite waste disposer is a reliable appliance that will offer your household many years of trouble free use. A choice of five units designed to free the kitchen of unsightly and unhygienic organic household waste. Each unit is the essential add-on for ensuring that all Franke appliances and work surfaces remain looking immaculate.

Thanks to a unique, permanent magnet motor, Franke Turbo Elite Waste Disposal Units reach high speed in a split second, producing more torque per kilo than any other of its type. Whilst running water through the unit, food waste is instantly liquefied into fine particles that are easily flushed through the pipework system. Now includes antibacterial protection for odour control. 

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Franke Waste Sorters

Fitting neatly into most standard cabinets Franke waste sorters feature separate plastic containers to sort domestic waste into different categories such as food, cans, plastic and paper. A lid closes over the bins to contain any odours. Franke Sorters are the convenient alternative to the conventional waste bin.

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Franke Waste Bin

Franke Waste Bin

The Franke Waste Bin is an inset stainless steel system with a standard 12 litre polyethylene container. This clever feature fits flush with the worktop, allowing you to scoop in waste with ease. Replace the cover and the unit is concealed with odours safely sealed inside

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Discover Franke Waste Management products

Largo Workcentre | Butler Bin & Box
Butler Bin & Box Waste Management

Butler Bin & Box

Bin Configuration:
137 mmx220 mmx211 mm; 5.5l 
Sorter Series 300 | Sorter 300-45 Trio
Sorter 300-45 Trio Waste Management

Sorter 300-45 Trio

Bin Configuration:
2 x 10l + 1 x 22l 
Sorter Series 300 | Sorter 300-60 Trio
Sorter 300-60 Trio Waste Management

Sorter 300-60 Trio

Bin Configuration:
2 x 10l + 1 x 22l 
Sorter Series 350 | 350 50
350 50 Waste Management

350 50

Bin Configuration:
1 x 35l + 1 side 
Sorter Series 350 | 350-60 Composta
350-60 Composta Waste Management

350-60 Composta

Bin Configuration:
1 x 35l + 1 x 5.5l 
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