Frames by Franke WARMING DRAWER FS DRW 14 BK Stainless Steel-Glass Black

The warming drawer is an extremely useful and versatile addition to the kitchen. It keeps food warm, defrosts it, lets it cook gently and performs other jobs, such as warming plates to perfection.

Features include:

• Handle-free drawer

• Push/pull opening system

• Easy to clean

• 0W in stand-by mode

• Temperature: max. 80°C

Please note this product is part of the Frames by Franke range, and is only available to purchase through selected Frames by Franke retailers. Please search for your nearest Frames by Franke retailer by clicking Where to Buy in the top menu bar and click the 'Frames by Franke' filter.

Product Information

Length Overall 517.00 mm
Width Overall 140.00 mm

Article Numbers

Article Number 112.0373.688

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