Hobs created with the heat of passion

At the heart of Franke induction hobs is cutting edge design and advanced technology built to last. 

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Power, delivered in style

The Domino induction hob allows you to manage two cooking zones simultaneously or independently. Swipe with one finger to quickly and precisely adjust the temperature. 

Mythos Extractor Hob

Hob and hood in harmony

The Mythos Hob Extractor is designed to perfectly integrate alongside the induction hob, and extracts vapour by using a constant flow of air pressure to discreetly reduce unwanted odours and condensation within any kitchen.

Induction Hob: Mythos Hob Extractor

Induction hob Mythos 2gether

Mythos 2gether

This completely integrated hob extractor is the ideal choice for any modern minimalistic kitchen. The hob extracts vapours using a constant flow of air pressure, discreetly reducing unwanted odours and condensation within any kitchen. 

Induction Hob: Mythos 2gether

Induction hob

Induction hobs

Sleek and unobtrusive, Franke induction hobs boast innovative technology and elegant aesthetics.

Induction hob

Obsessed by detail

Every hob is engineered to the highest standards for years of trouble-free performance. Nothing less than absolute precision in design, superb quality of finish and the highest standards of craftsmanship will do.