Refill not Landfill

Playing our part in reducing plastics.

Free refillable water bottle when you register your Franke Vital Capsule Filter Tap

Franke is continuing its campaign, ‘Refill Not Landfill’ aimed at contributing to greater awareness of the need to reduce the use of plastic water bottles in everyday life. Working on the premise that small individual actions can develop quantum and make a difference, the campaign is designed to have a ripple effect engaging Franke staff, retailers and consumers.

You will receive one free water bottle on registering your new Franke Vital Capsule Filter Tap - register here

You'll also receive handy reminder emails when your filter needs changing! You can purchase replacement filters here.

Each bottle holds 750ml of water, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry, while being small enough to use ‘on the go’ and fit easily into everyday life in handbags, sports bags, rucksacks and cup holders in cars. The bottle is robust and hygienic offering a safe and inexpensive way to help keep the body hydrated through regular re-fills and re-use, while crucially reducing plastic waste.  

We would love to see our water bottles in use, so please feel free to tag us in any tweets or posts about your bottle's travels using #RefillNotLandfillUK and @FrankeUK