Our kitchen product lines

Experience an intelligently coordinated kitchen, where sinks, taps, hobs, ovens and hoods are all perfectly combined. Whether your preference is for minimalist cool, relaxed bohemian or stylishly practical, you’ll find quality without compromise with Franke.

Life takes place in the kitchen

The kitchen has always been the place where people like to congregate. This is where we eat and drink, laugh and fight, celebrate and dream. It’s warm here and it smells good.

The emotional significance of the kitchen inspired Franke to develop several revolutionary kitchen systems: Frames by Franke, Mythos and Maris. They unite the key elements of every kitchen – sink and tap, oven, hob and hood – in single intelligent systems.

Mythos - The Art of Contemporary Cooking

Enjoy yourself and show your artistic freedoms when preparing and cooking innovative treats – with Mythos, the contemporary kitchen system, enabling you to turn abstract ideas into artistic dishes. Enjoyment has never been more creative. 

Ideal for open kitchens

The cleverly designed hood ensures a room without smells at all times thanks to 24-hour air circulation and its delay function. The hood operates quietly before deactivating automatically.

Facing all challenges

Be it sophisticated stainless steel or Fragranite, a specifically developed highly resilient material: the sink is up to facing all challenges in either version, and passes the most professional endurance tests, even in terms of aesthetics.

The heart of the home

The kitchen has always been the place to congregate. Where we eat and drink, laugh and cry, celebrate and dream. A place of warmth and wonderful aromas.

This is what has inspired us to develop a range of revolutionary kitchen systems to unite the key elements of every kitchen into unified, intelligent systems.

Frames by Franke - The kitchen system of your dreams

The four Frames by Franke elements – sink, oven, hob and hood – can be combined in any number of ways, yet everything always fits together seamlessly. You can add and extended as desired with multi-faceted and innovative accessories. Various taps with practical functions also fit into the system perfectly.

Cooking on the highest level

Our sophisticated Dynamic Cooking Technology (DCT) instantly makes everyone a better cook. Not least because up to four different dishes – from fish to sweets – can be easily prepared at the same time without impairing the flavours.

Menus drafted by a master

The logical combination of induction and flat-burn gas hob makes it possible. Innovative design meets enticing function and thus permits professional preparation of many different dishes.

Explore new culinary possibilities

Frames by Franke gas hobs are for all those who take cooking seriously. Professional standard features and quality help you prepare even the most sophisticated dishes quickly and precisely.

Everything matches

This extremely versatile sink not only provides a range of features that help you multi-task, it also harmonises perfectly with every other Frames by Franke product.

Maris - We are family

Maris Hoods will give you even more joy in uncomplicated cooking. The time shared in the kitchen thus becomes an easy experience that no one in your family would want to do without again. Let’s cook together!

Knows the time precisely

The delay function permits delayed deactivation of the extraction hood. Only when the remaining steam has been extracted after cooking will the function be automatically switched off, keeping your kitchen clean and free of smells.