Omni 4-in-1

Water at its most wonderful

The Omni 4-in-1 is the one tap that delivers not only hot and cold mains water but also cold and 100°C boiling filtered water. Omni delivers beautifully pure, fresh tasting water, so there’s no need for expensive bottled water. Omni is easy to fit in new or existing kitchens, safe to use and ultra reliable with a 3-year guarantee. Best of all, it’s refreshingly affordable.

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4-in-1 technology
Omni is the world’s first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered boiling and filtered cold water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold.

Minimal maintenance
Omni is a complete system, including tap, boiler and under sink filter. The filter provides high quality drinking water and also protects the boiler from limescale build-up. Each filter lasts 6 months, and replacing the filter is as easy as changing a lightbulb.


True 100°C boiling water
Most ‘boiling’ tap systems only produce less than 98°C so hot drinks don’t taste as good as they should. Omni delivers fully boiling 100°C water instantly for the perfect cuppa.

Easy installation
Virtually no tools and minimal plumbing skills are required for installation.

Instant Boiling Water Installation Advice

Instant Boiling Water Installation Advice

We have found that we come across three or four main issues affecting boiling water taps, that if avoided on installation would mean happier customers. We’ve put together a simple guide which we hope you’ll find useful, and help prevent any future ‘product issues’.

Safety assured

Omni is safer than a traditional kettle in so many ways; there are no cords which can be pulled to avoid any nasty accidents as on a kettle. The childproof push-to-activate lever helps to keep boiling water away from little hands. The lever is also spring loaded to switch off instantly if any splashes occur.

A child safety clip is provided for total protection from curious little hands or visitors to your home. All this and the patented chassis engineering means the tap is never too hot to the touch. It stays cool even when producing boiling water.

The elegantly designed hi-shine finish of stainless steel hides some truly innovative engineering

Omni is easy to use, normal hot and cold water is dispensed through a conventional mixer lever. Pull the opposite lever forward for filtered cold water and push it back for boiling. The boiling lever itself boasts triple safety features including a push-and-turn activation function, a spring-loaded shut off and a unique child safety clip, ensuring it is difficult to accidentally turn on.

You can be sure that your filtered water remains fresh and safe to drink at all times, thanks to an innovative ‘tube within a tube’ design, which keeps the filtered supply entirely separate from normal mains water. The clever design also keeps the outside parts cool at all times. The filter itself is pretty smart too. Omni lets you know when it’s time to change the water filter by the LED built into the body of the tap, so you know your filter is always doing it’s job.

It’s a versatile solution, suitable for left or right hand sinks. Omni is easy to fit to a standard 35mm sink hole, while its timeless elegance is equally at home in traditional or modern kitchens. The tap is fully reversible allowing you to position the boiling water function away from the sink bowl.

The Omni Filter

With Omni, there’s no need for expensive bottled water. The secret of Omni’s beautifully pure, fresh tasting water is the dual-purpose filter cartridge. It provides chlorine/chloramine, sediment and lead free water, and because of its position in the system, it helps to reduce limescale build-up in the boiler.

The filter cartridge only needs to be changed on average every 6-9 months, depending on use. The tap’s integrated LED tells you when a replacement filter is required. Replacement filters are simple to order by phone or online from our UK base, and fitting your new filter is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

The Omni Tank

Compact and convenient, the boiler can be easily fitted into a standard kitchen cabinet. The compact design hides a generous 4.2 litre capacity. That’s enough for 8 mugs of tea or 2 pans of water. Empty the boiler tank and you’re just 10 minutes away from the next tankful of boiling water.

The boiler has no special installation requirements, just a water supply and a 13 amp socket. Colour coordinated boiler connections make fitting quick and easy, while safety is ensured by a built in shut off valve.

Superbly insulated and efficient, the tank uses very little power to keep the water at 100°C. The boiler is compliant with new Ecodesign Directives, consuming approximately only 0.8 watts of electricity per hour in standby mode, which equates to savings for you. At just a penny a cup, it’s affordable to run as well as to buy.

The minimum pressure required is 1.5 bar for hot & cold supply. The maximum pressure is 5 bar.  

Omni 4-in-1 installation Instructions

Download Omni 4-in-1 installation Instructions

A full 3-year guarantee for total reliability
A 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee covers the complete system for your total peace of mind.

Exceptional aftercare
Our UK based advisors are always on hand to help. Filters tell you when they need replacing, and replacements are easy to order by phone or online.

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Omni 4-in-1 Tap

Omni 4-in-1 Tap Omni

Swivel Spout 
Height Overall:
385.00 mm 
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