Franke FilterFlow

Franke FilterFlow

Franke pioneered multi-tasking kitchen taps and today, our beautifully designed FilterFlow range of taps, which dispense hot, cold and filtered water, are considered the blueprint for taps that go that little bit further. Combining the considered beauty of our most stylish designs and the technologically advanced ceramic water filtration system of the Franke FilterFlow family, the products in the Franke range are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. These desirable taps are a stunning complement to many of the Franke sinks in the range, creating a coordinated look with effortless style.

Franke FilterFlowtaps deliver hot, cold and filtered water using an advanced ceramic cartridge. This water filtration system is protected by a robust stainless steel housing on all Franke FilterFlow taps where indicated, adding reassuring durability to elegant aesthetics. Or why not consider the contemporary stand-alone FrankeFilterFlow Mini model, which dispenses filtered water only.

This water filtration system is protected by a robust stainless steel housing on all Specialist Franke FilterFlow taps*, adding reassuring durability to elegant aesthetics. One of the big advantages of the Franke FilterFlow is the improved access to the housing via the bayonet fitting, meaning easy filter changes.

*Except FilterFlow Mini model.

Please note: The Franke FilterFlow range of taps require a minimum water pressure of 1 bar hot and 1 bar cold to function correctly, please consult your plumber or installer before purchase.

You can find a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the Franke FilterFlow range here.

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What the FilterFlow system removes:

  • Harmful Bacteria
  • Parasites & Cysts including Cryptosporidium
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Improves Taste, Odour and Colour

What it does not remove:

  • Minerals considered beneficial for health including calcium and magnesium are left intact.

How it works:

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