Wonderfully elegant ceramic

The perfect blend of nature and design, Franke ceramic is made of liquid ceramic which is then fired to create a material that feels incomparably smooth and is tremendously hard-wearing. Whether you prefer classic or modern design, you will simply love the delicate shapes and expressive colors of our ceramic sinks.

Made by fire

Ceramic by Franke is fired for 20 hours in a tunnel kiln at very high temperatures. This process creates an extremely hard  surface, scratch-resistant, heat-proof and impervious to acids and bleaches.


A lifetime of service

Ceramic is entirely natural, very stylish and amazingly practical. The material properties are continually subjected to stringent laboratory and usage tests and controls. For day-to-day care any mess, tea or red wine stains can simply be wiped with a little soapy water. A ceramic sink is yours to cherish, year after year.

Discover Franke ceramic sinks

Franke Ceramic Sinks

How your ceramic sink is made

Liquid ceramic – consisting of quartz, kaolin  and china clay is poured into a mould under high pressure. The sink is then dried, and imperfections worked by hand with sponges. The sink is then glazed, then passes through the kiln for 20 hours which at its hottest reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. The sinks are then quality checked and grinded. At every stage, each sink is subjected to stringent checks performed by experienced experts to make it wonderful for you. 


How to look after your ceramic sink

A daily clean with a soft damp cloth and normal washing-up liquid is all it takes to keep your ceramic sink looking like new. Avoid abrasive liquids or powders, drain cleaner or cleaners for steel and tap fittings.

More tips on how to care for your Franke Sink



Black Ceramic

Silky smooth good looks

Ceramic sinks combine beautifully with a variety of work surfaces such as wood, glass and granite. It's no wonder they have been a popular choice for years; making a perfect choice for modern, hardworking kitchens. It's a durable choice that stands up to heat, staining and impact with ease; so there's much more to ceramic than silky smooth good looks. 



Ceramic Chart

Ceramic Chart

This chart has been developed by Franke to assist in grading the various materials in terms of their performance characteristics for each category.

It is intended to act as a guide for different requirements: 10 points - the best material tested in this performance category. For example, in our tests Ceramic has a high resistance to staining.