Franke for a Wonderful World


The need to create a more environmental and socially sustainable world is well known and understood. And both the Franke and Carron Phoenix brands are focused on playing their part.  

From adopting manufacturing methods that generate less waste and reduce our impact, to innovative products designed to cut water and energy usage and reduce landfill we’re doing all we can to meet our sustainability goals. And by working with us, we can help you to do the same.

Environmental Responsibility

No Franke or Carron Phoenix product is manufactured without careful consideration of the resources used.

Optimising the eco-sustainable use of these resources is of primary importance; as is reducing emissions, recycling waste materials and increasing the energy efficiency of our products.  

As proof of this commitment, Franke has been an active member of the UN Global Compact since January 2011. We also participate in the activities of the local Global Compact network in Switzerland.

Water Consumption

The water used within the manufacture of our products mainly comes from the public water supply, with some water been taken from wells in selected locations. In 2019, our total water consumption across all our factories was less than in 2018.

One change that contributed to this reduction was the optimisation of a varnishing process at our factory in Heshan, China. The water used in this process is now recirculated within the machine and only emptied every one to two months. 

Resource-efficient products

When striving to reducing our environmental impact, our products’ greatest contribution comes from being able to use less energy and water. 

At the same time, we want customers to save money when using our products. This is why we are constantly working on making everything we offer more resource efficient.


Social Responsibility

Healthy, committed and well-trained employees and managers are the key to the success of any company. With thousands of employees located at multiple sites across five continents, Franke’s workforce plays a key role in our sustainability efforts. And as such, they are our most valuable asset. 

As an employer, we bear a social responsibility for them and their families. Therefore, we support them in staying healthy and continuously developing their skills. Not only does this avoid accidents in the workplace, it also contributes to the continuous improvement of working conditions through regular employee surveys, which in turn increases staff engagement.