Pleasing Perfection

That’s what you always wanted for your kitchen: Absolute precision is Franke’s signature and what Mythos stands for. Technical perfection, elegance, and powerful design make Mythos a classic.

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Finished to perfection

A minimalist glass-based design that leaves space for your personal expression. The new black look of Mythos comes with burnished metal elements as an elegant and perfect finish. 

A magical moment

Special features on Mythos are the CookAssist functions of the hobs and ovens. For example, by just pressing a single button, your hob can cook a perfect steak and you never worry about it getting burned. And there are many more fantastic features to prepare everything from sauces and vegetables to desserts. It’s almost magic.

A hot topic

Are you always wondering how to keep your tableware and food at just the right temperature? This Warming Drawer will do exactly that and even more. For example, thawing frozen food. Once you have it, you’ll never want to be without it.

A steamy solution

The special new steam function allows you to cook more calorie-conscious food, with no loss of flavour. And with the surprisingly large internal capacity you’ll have more space to steam or bake different dishes at the same time.

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