Pull Out Nozzle Industrial Black

The Atlas Sensor tap now comes in an Industrial Black PVD finish. This coating takes on the texture of the base material so brushed will remain brushed. It is superhard and more corrosion, wear and scratch resistant than electroplating (galvanic) or powder-coating plus more environmentally friendly. It Doesn’t tarnish. Once in use, the water will flow continuously for 30 seconds. The tap can be stopped with a wave, as well as started so, you don‘t have to wait 30 seconds.

• Hybrid function enabling manual lever for everyday use and sensor activity for hand washing.

• The touchless and manual controls operate independently from each other.

• The sensor screen is easy to keep clean and easy to use.

• The sensor controls the touch free water temperature.

• If unintentionally started and once activated, the water flow stops in less than a second!

• The temperature on the sensor is set upon installation in the control box under the sink.

• Quick and easy plug-in installation: the tap, the control box, and the battery.

Product Information

Swivel Spout
Height Overall
297.00 mm
Height to End of Spout
270.00 mm
Spout reach
225.00 mm

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Swivel Spout

Swivel Spout 
Height Overall:
297.00 mm 
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