ALL-IN Accessory Set 1

All-In. The Flexible Food Preparation system for any Kitchen Sink*

Transforming your sink into a stylish and playful workstation, All-In is the flexible food preparation system designed to bring more flow to your kitchen and life.

Well-equipped and intuitive, this modular accessory system has all you need to prepare meals with ease; saving you time and space and allowing you to shift seamlessly between different tasks.

*Up to 540 mm

All-In Set 1: Telescopic Bridge, Bamboo Chopping Board (320x200x18mm), Sanitized Strainer Bowl (297x173x95mm) 

Compatible with: Antea AZG, Argos AGX, Ariane ARX, Basis BFG, Centro CNG, Galassia GAX, Largo LAX, Maris MRG, Maris MRX, Neptune NEX, Studio STX, Urban UBG

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Accessory Set

Accessory Set

Length Overall:
470.00 mm 
Width Overall:
260.00 mm 
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