Maris Drip Free FVAD A90 BK MATT Matt Black

An ideal blend of stylish design and practical performance, Franke Maris Drip Free Hoods not only tackle odours but also combat condensation – preventing droplets from falling onto the hob and similarly into food. 

The simple touch of a button activates the hood’s drip free thermo-resistance function, directly tackling moisture and ensuring units and surfaces are safe from water damage. Additionally, hoods feature a recirculating mode plus odour eliminating charcoal filter to keep kitchens smelling fresh throughout the day. 

Consisting of a single glass panel design with no hinges or gaps, the Maris Drip Free Hood is easy to clean and promotes greater hygiene in the kitchen. For visibility and easy operation, the hood features a glossy black control panel while the main section is a textured matt finish that contributes to its 'always dry' look.  

Designed to use less energy and reduce running costs, the Maris Drip Free Hoods from Franke are A-Class energy rated.

Product Information

Energy Efficiency Class
Capacity Int.
740 m3/h
Capacity Max.
420 m3/h
Capacity Min.
290 m3/h
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Int.
68 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Max.
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Min.
48 dB(A)
Type of Controls
Outlet tube diameter
Ø 150 mm
Recommended positioning height above hob
450 mm
Charcoal filter

Article Numbers

Article Number



Product Specifications

  • 3 Speed + Intensive
    3 Speed + Intensive


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