Maris Built-Under FCBU 1204 C WH Glass White

The easy to install Maris Built-Under hood offers unobtrusive extraction in recirculatory mode for efficient extraction without the need for ducting. The compact design fixes simply to the ceiling of any kitchen with no need for a space above the ceiling or the installation of a false ceiling.


3 extraction speeds + intensive level | Recirculating mode only | Can be installed where no external flue is available | Automatic cut off timer | Perimetric extraction for superior efficiency | Remote control included | Filter saturation indicator | Dimmable LED bar provides ambient light | 2 brushless motors

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Product Information

Hood Type
Ceiling-Built under
Capacity Int.
850 m3/h
Capacity Max.
780 m3/h
Capacity Min.
440 m3/h
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Int.
72 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Max.
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Min.
57 dB(A)
Type of Controls
Recommended positioning height above hob
650 mm - Max 1500 mm (2600 mm from floor)
Charcoal filter

Article Numbers

Article Number

Product Specifications

  • 3 Speed + Intensive
    3 Speed + Intensive
  • Automatic Cut Off Timer
    Automatic Cut Off Timer
  • Filtering Function
    Filtering Function
  • Width 120 cm
    Width 120 cm
  • Charcoal Filter B
    Charcoal Filter B
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
  • Filter Saturation Indicator
    Filter Saturation Indicator
  • Perimetric Extraction
    Perimetric Extraction
  • Comfort Light
    Comfort Light


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Maris Built-Under

FCBU 1204 C WH

Hood Type:
Ceiling-Built under 
Capacity Max.:
780 m3/h 
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