AQ Sense Vertical Monitor FKAS A80 BK Black

AQ-Sense hoods keep the air in your home clean - constantly monitoring air quality and activating automatically if unsafe levels are detected.

A choice of models

Each designed to keep the air in your home clean and pleasant, choose from our AQ Sense built-in, ceiling, vertical inclined and vertical flat with 21” monitor models

Air Quality Sensor

Constantly monitors VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), air temperature and humidity to ensure your kitchen and home remain a fresh and pleasant environment. 

AUTO Function

Set the hood to the AUTO position and the aspiration speed will automatically set to the right level and run until the air quality returns to a satisfactory level. It will then automatically shut off, saving energy.

Franke Cloud App

As well as keeping you constantly informed about the air quality in the kitchen, our mobile app allows you to easily control the hood, putting its many functions at your fingertips and ensuring your hood’s software is always up to date.

Alexa Compatible

All Franke AQ-Sense hoods are compatible with Amazon Alexa*, allowing you to use voice commands to switch the hood on and off, set the aspiration speed, activate the lights and check air quality, temperature and humidity levels. 

(*device not included) 

24h Function

The 24 hour function automatically runs the hood at the minimum speed, for a few minutes each hour, to keep the atmosphere in your home fresh, right around the clock.

21.5’’ Monitor with Built-in Browser

Our AQ-Sense vertical flat model with built in monitor and web browser allows you to access a world on online content directly from your hood - watch step-by-step cooking videos, play your favourite music, check the weather or catch up with the news.

Camera Connection

From baby monitors to video doorbells, you can even connect IP or WIFI cameras to our AQ-Sense vertical flat model, so you can always keep check on things via the 21.5’’ monitor.

Product Information

Energy Efficiency Class
Capacity Int.
740 m3/h
Capacity Max.
580 m3/h
Capacity Min.
280 m3/h
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Int.
67 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Max.
62 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Min.
48 dB(A)
Outlet tube diameter
Ø 150 mm
Charcoal filter

Article Numbers

Article Number



Product Specifications

  • 3 Speed + Intensive
    3 Speed + Intensive
  • Energy Efficiency Class A
    Energy Efficiency Class A


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