Mythos – When Cooking Becomes Art

Delight yourself and your guests with a kitchen that looks timeless and stylish. Enjoy perfectly balanced design features set against dark glass surfaces. The Mythos range of appliances will also amaze you with their performance and quality. The look and the effectiveness of Mythos makes it an acclaimed classic.

Up To 73 litres

When you have family coming over, you have to get something on the table. You might wonder if the big roast you have planned will really fit in the oven. Fortunately, your new Mythos oven has a large capacity of 73 litres – that means a lot of extra space.

Pyrolytic Cleaning - Clean as a Whistle

Now you can enjoy your oven even more. With the pyrolytic cleaning function, it will clean itself and transform all leftovers into ashes that can easily be wiped away.

This Is Hot: Your Oven Is a Steamer

How do you get it crisp on the outside and full of flavor on the inside every time? The steam functions on the Mythos oven might become the best-kept secret in your kitchen. Amaze your friends with food that keeps its nutrients and its color. You will not need to use a lot of oil to keep your vegetable or meat dish moist and crunchy – another advantage. Your steam oven will make a big difference to your cooking, and you will notice the difference with the first bite.

Precision Matters

It fits all together. The elegant, thin, steel handle provides the ultimate sense of proportion.

Seamless Gallery Installation

The gallery installation option not only gives your Mythos kitchen a sophisticated look, but is also the most comfortable solution for everyday use.

Choose Your Combination



Warming Drawer


Warming Drawer
Voltage: 220-240 V
Cavity Capacity  16 L

To pre-heat pots and pans
To pre-heat coffee cups
To keep food warm
To thaw
To leaven dough


Open Lightbox

Mythos Hobs

Love For Detail

Mythos will make everyone want to spend more time in the kitchen, especially with its range of fantastic new appliances. Look closer and you will see that Mythos will thrill both your heart and your mind.

CookAssist - Just Like Magic

Thanks to the practical CookAssist function, cooking with Mythos is a breeze. With the right setting on your hob, you can cook a steak to perfection and not worry about burning it. There are a range of additional functions, including for your oven, such as the fantastic slow cooking function. You can use this one to get your meat and fish perfectly tender and succulent, excatly the way you want it.

The large induction hob will astonish you with up to eight cooking zones. Big pots, small pans, whatever you want to heat up – with the FlexPro zone feature on your new hob, you can do it all at the same time. That’s comfortable cooking.

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