The touch-free tap for today

Nowadays, many of us spend more time at home and in the kitchen than we used to in the past. We look for easy yet eco-friendly solutions for better hygiene at home. Meet Franke’s new touch-free kitchen tap Atlas Neo Sensor, tailored to meet today’s strict requirements on hygiene, sustainability, and convenience. 


The right tap for your kitchen

The kitchen is the place where, at home, we spend a big part of the day. Here, we cook together, eat together, spend family time and even meet a friend who’s stopping by. And most of what we do in the kitchen involves the tap, in one way or another. Having a touch-free tap in the kitchen makes sense in so many practical ways!

Touch Free Sensor

The Atlas Neo Sensor is a hybrid kitchen mixer tap. You can use it hands-free through the infrared motion sensor or by hand with the standard manual side lever. The touch-free function works even if the manual lever is closed!

It’s inspiringly intuitive

The sensor has an optimised 5-10 cm operating range preventing accidental use. The intuitive touch-free sensor reacts instantly, and if not stopped earlier by you, the flow stops automatically after 30 seconds.

A step up in sustainability

You can preset the temperature for the infrared motion sensor: to cut down on utility costs, we recommend you set it to pleasantly cool. Use the standard manual lever when you need warmer or colder water.

Wash hands without wasting water!

Atlas Neo Sensor makes handwashing easy – actually even fun – for everyone, while reducing water consumption significantly. Just the small act of stopping the water-flow to properly soap and dry your hand helps you save at least 3 litres of water at every wash, slashing normal consumption by at least 50%.*


*Compared to running water continuously throughout a recommended 50-second hand wash

Less touching means fewer germs

Whether you're handwashing before cooking or eating or right after handling poultry or fish, this touchless tap will help you reduce the spread of germs and the risk of cross-contamination.  Touchless tap also stays stain-, fingerprint- and smudge-free – and generally much cleaner – than your previous taps.

Touch-free for everyone

Taps can be difficult for kids, but not this one. Atlas Neo Sensor is the safe and fun way to better hand hygiene for adults and kids alike!

Set the temperature

You can adjust the touch-free function water temperature anytime by turning the selector in the control box unit! Preset it as default to pleasantly cool and reduce water heating costs.

Stainless steel is timeless steel

The solid stainless steel Atlas Neo Sensor is extremely resistant to staining, acids, rust, and other signs of corrosion and wear. Stainless steel is smooth and poreless in and out, so rust, limescale and other debris cannot build up giving germs a hiding place.

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View Atlas Neo Sensor Range

The Atlas Neo Sensor tap captures the quality of timeless design meaning it will suit all kitchen styles. The range offers a choice of two models - a 180° swivel spout and a Pull-Out Nozzle option that is ideal for rinsing items and cleaning around the sink. 

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