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Franke Tap Flow Rates

With a variety of style, size and finish options to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice, though don't forget that the water pressure in your home will affect your decision.

A plumber or retailer should be able to help you discover which pressure system you have so you can find the right tap for your needs.

Tap flow rates explained

Before choosing your Franke tap it is essential to check whether you have a high or low pressure water system.

If your property has a low pressure water system you will need to check the flow rating of the taps before you make a purchase. If you install a tap with a low flow rating into a low pressure water system you may be disappointed with the flow of water from your tap. In these instances it will be difficult to achieve a suitable mixed flow of water through the tap as the cold mains water is delivered at a higher pressure and will overpower the weaker hot water pressure.

If you have a high pressure system in your home, such as a combi-boiler or pumped system, you should be able to choose from the full range of taps in our range. We strongly recommend that your plumber or installer checks the water pressure in your home before making a purchase.

Franke Tap Flow Regulators

In order for Franke and Carron Phoenix to comply with current regulations and standards pertaining water consumption for Taps fitted in new-build properties in the U.K, 3 Flow Regulators are available to be fitted to Taps supplied by Franke and Carron Phoenix for this activity. 

Please see their specifications, product codes, and further installation advice below.

Finish: Chrome
4.0 Litre per minute 
FUN Number:

Finish: Chrome
5.0 Litre per minute 
FUN Number: 

Finish: Chrome
6.0 Litre per minute 
FUN Number: 

Attaches to the end of a flexible cold tap tail.

NB: If there is a Non-Return Tail, you turn the Regulator around and screw on to the Non-Return Tail.

These flow regulators are suitable for both male and female connections and are available to purchase from our service agents.