Social Responsibility

Franke aims at providing attractive and safe workplaces. The Group Management has set the goal that all production companies must have a certified occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the standard OHSAS 18001.

Also, we live up to our wider responsibility and support a number of societal issues that are not directly related to our core business.

Health & wellness initiatives


Franke in Smyrna, USA, follows a comprehensive approach to health management: an on-site medical clinic; a fitness center and a walking trail; workshops on nutrition, tobacco cessation and stress; and personalized health analysis. All health & wellness initiatives are offered on-site and free of charge. The activities keep the workforce healthy and allow the early detection of employees with serious conditions.

Franke is partner of Umwelt Arena


Franke is a proud partner of the Umwelt Arena (‘Environmental Arena’) in Spreitenbach, Switzerland – a unique platform for sustainability with over 30 exhibitions on various topics including mobility, construction, nutrition and renewable energy. Franke informs visitors about water consumption in private and public buildings and showcases water-saving products such as taps, shower heads or water management systems.

Volunteering of apprentices


Apprentices from Franke companies in Aarburg, Switzerland, provide volunteer work for one week every year. In 2011, 56 apprentices and 6 supervisors spent a week in the Verzasca valley in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. They worked hard to clean a pasture in a mountain area. At the same time, the group had time to better get to know each other and to foster team work.

Donation to ETH Zurich Foundation


The Franke Group made a major donation to the ETH Zurich Foundation in 2011. Two million Swiss francs were given to a strategic fund that also supports research projects related to sustainability. Another two million Swiss francs will be used to grant the “Franke – ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships”.