Products and Services

We strive for providing products and services that offer a rewarding experience for our customers. The products below illustrate how we integrate aspects of excellence and resource efficiency in product development.

Particularly eco-friendly: Hood "Mirror"


Triggered by emerging EU directives, Franke Kitchen Systems thought about ways to increase the energy efficiency of our hoods. The new brushless engines and the use of LED lighting resulted in energy reductions of 40%. The hood «Mirror» thus helps customers reduce energy costs while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.
Also, a new eco-friendly filtration system can be washed and re-used for at least five times. We currently work on a technology that allows limiting the heat loss inside the kitchen with a convertible valve that permits exhausted air to be split into evacuated and re-circulated air.

Particularly climate friendly: HFC-free freezer


HFCs (‘Hydrofluorocarbons’) are chemicals that are used in refrigeration equipment. However, HFCs are a threat to the global climate – they are much more powerful than CO2!
In reaction to the request for HFC-free freezers, Franke Foodservice Systems developed a freezer that uses propane instead of HFCs. The innovative product is more energy efficient and therefore helps our customers to position themself as sustainable companies as well as to save costs for electricity.

Particularly energy efficient: Coffee machine "Pura"


Franke Coffee Systems is conscious about the environmental impact of its products. Independent of statutory regulations, Franke has been improving the energy efficiency and environmental balance of their coffee machines for years. Thanks to intelligent energy management the "Pura" helps saving energy and costs.
The results and knowledge gained from the collaboration with working groups, associations and – of course – customers are regularly incorporated into both the new and the ongoing development of Franke coffee machines.

Particularly water saving: Washbasin tap "Protronic-S"


Water and energy saving sanitary fittings for applications in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary rooms have been in the focus at Franke Water Systems for many years. Water in the touch-free "Protronic-S" tap flows only when it is needed. The electronic tap reduces the water consumption by 50 percent compared to traditional fittings.

Particularly eco-friendly: Chromium steel kegs


Franke Beverage Systems commissioned a study to compare the environmental impact of reusable chromium steel kegs with single-use plastic containers along the entire life-cycle. The study shows that the more often a steel keg is used, the lower become the environmental impacts per keg usage. Hence the reuse rate (number of turns) is a critical parameter. With a reuse rate of 20 times or more, the steel kegs cause lower climate change, energy use and water use impacts compared to those of the plastic containers.

Click here to download the study summary