The Franke Group understands and actively manages its responsibilities as well as the opportunities contributing to a sustainable development. We are committed to achieving a harmonious balance between business, environmental and social goals.

Our behavior and activities are guided by our values, the Code of Conduct and the Sustainability Principles of the Franke Group. We focus on topics that are relevant for our long-term business success and of major interest to our stakeholders. Implementing the concept of sustainability in our business means, for example:

- Product development and innovation geared towards efficiency and energy saving strategies across the entire product life cycle (Activities - Product and Services)
- Environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production (Activities - Production)
- Attractive and safe workplaces as well as support of social projects (Activities - Social Responsibility)

The Franke Group published its fourth Sustainability Report in August 2015. The report aims at giving a fair and balanced account of our sustainability strategy, activities, performance and future plans. It fulfills the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) application level "B"€ and serves as our Communication on Progress for the UN Global Compact.