Make It Wonderful

Fresh and Inspiring – Franke’s New Brand Campaign

Franke is creating a new world - a fresh, exciting, unique and humorous world to be reflected in every aspect of the company’s new brand appearance. This is all happening under the new claim “Make It Wonderful”. What stands out most alongside the claim are new advertisements and catalog covers that feature hand-drawn illustrations. The new brand campaign will be launched in January 2015.

As part of the campaign, Franke is collaborating with well-known artists from around the world. Their individual, hand-drawn illustrations give Franke’s new brand appearance a fresh look. These line drawings - doodles, actually - put Franke’s business environment and the people the company works with center stage. They provide humorous insights into emotional everyday moments associated with Franke’s product portfolio. The doodles show the many things people can do with Franke products - the products increase sales, lighten people’s workload, increase their well-being through social encounters, and turn a house into a home.

The Goal - To Enhance Franke's Brand Profile

The campaign aims to enhance the Franke brand profile. From now on, all the divisions around the world will operate as a single brand with a consistent face. With the new appearance, Franke is showing the world everything that Franke products can mean, for everyone from business partners to end consumers. It especially shows the diversity of Franke’s products and their great relevance to many different people as they go about their daily activities. After all, Franke is not a luxury brand - the company mainly produces products that are being used day in, day out. They have to be durable and reliable to cope with the amount of wear and tear they encounter.


The basis of the campaign - the new claim “Make It Wonderful” - stands for Franke’s promise to make everyday life a little more special for its business partners and customers. The promise also underscores Franke’s wish to make its products still more attractive and user-friendly. The focus is squarely on innovation, product systems and exceptional service.

Why Make It Wonderful


“It’s easy to be ordinary. To make products that people neither love nor hate. To make products that just exist. To make products that simply do their job, and do no more, or no less. But ordinary is not what we want to do at Franke. And ordinary is not what we want to be recognized as. We want to make everything we do wonderful - from what we manufacture and design, to the way we deal with our partners, customers and each other.”

Alexander Zschokke, CEO Franke Group

Top Illustrators for Make It Wonderful

If you would like to read more about the campaign and the illustrators behind it, please follow this link.