We uncover potential.

About 9,000 people across 40 countries and 5 continents have this in common: they belong to an exceptional company. We foster an environment where employees can learn from one another, develop themselves further and uncover their incredible potential. Join Franke. Together we make a difference.


Learn and Grow

We create an environment where you can grow and develop. Giving your best day by day is what motivates you. We encourage you to take charge of your career. Long term success means continually evolving as a company and investing in our employees.

Be Part of Our Global Team

Our success is based on the interaction of different personalities, experiences, and cultures. It is only through this diversity that we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. Celebrating your accomplishments makes our future bright.

Make an Impact

You want to make a difference. You ask the right questions, bring fresh ideas, and transform opportunities into success. You focus on your ambitions and dedicate yourself to high performance. If you are looking for a company that appreciates these attributes, look no further than Franke.

Create Customer Value

Franke maintains intensive and cooperative relationships with customers worldwide. If you are motivated to master tasks and actively offer solutions, you have come to the right place. If you want to exceed the expectations of our B2B customers and understand the needs of our end customers, you can make a difference at Franke.

Take Responsibility

We provide an environment in which you can take on responsibility. You communicate clearly and set ambitious goals for yourself, building on the ideas of others and remaining open for feedback. Proactivity is your strength. Let's make it happen together.