Technical Service


To get the most out of high quality kitchen equipment, there is Franke’s expert service whenever needed.
A network of local partners provides technical support, maintenance and staff trainings all over APMEA
(Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa).

Technical Support & Service Network

In order to provide full service to our customers all over APMEA,
we have built a network of authorized regional service partners - combining Franke know-how and local expertise.

Training & Reporting

Franke equipment is always accompanied by comprehensive training.
Our knowledgeable trainers conduct training sessions all over APMEA in the local language.

Your Franke Contact



Greater China

Zippy Ren

Phone: +86 750 8418796

South East Asia

Lai Phin Yoong

Phone : +86 750 841 8519



Middle East

Arun George

Phone:  +971 50 8062970