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Wonderfully Pure Ice Cubes


EcO₃Ice is an Antimicrobial Ice Protection device. This system treats incoming water used by ice machines, killing microbes in the water and ice path from beginning to end.

  • Great savings: Cuts full cleanings in half
  • Full coverage: Cleaner ice, from ice production all the way to the consumer
  • Quick set-up: Fast and easy installation

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Franke Transporter:

Wonderfully delivered food products


Thanks to the Franke Transporter you can stretch the distance between kitchen production and the point of sales with no sacrifice in service. The system: 

  • enables flexible restaurant layouts for any situation,
  • provides fast and convenient access to customers with additional point of sales,
  • allows development of restaurants in crowded cities with expensive and limited real estate options.

Filtersystem UVC Gen.V:

Wonderful clean air


The perfect solution for your QSR kitchen issues related to grease and odors in exhaust air.

  • Minimizes grease in exhaust ducts
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odours
  • Reduces danger of fires within the exhaust ducts
  • Minimizes expensive cleanings of exhaust systems
  • UVC lamp insert can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher

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Frontline Cooker:

Wonderful live-cooking experience


The Frontline Cooker is the most economical cooker for pasta, vegetables & rice on the market. It allows anyone to freshly prepare tasty dishes at the push of a button, in a matter of seconds, and directly in front of your guests.

  • Fascinating for guests
  • Easy to operate for chefs
  • Profitable for restaurant owners

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Frozen Fry Dispenser:

Wonderfully crispy fries


This unique dispensing system ensures that frozen fries in various shapes remain frozen until needed. It dispenses quickly and easily into the fry basket in three programmable batch sizes. Proven in many QSR restaurants all over the world.

  • Perfect fries quality: Fries are cooked from frozen to ensure perfect quality and product consistency
  • Highly energy-efficient: Low energy consumption of ~0,35 kWh
  • Eco-friendly: Propane gas (R290) is an environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Time-saving: Automatic, fast basket loading
  • Easy to use: Simple, one-handed operation
  • F3D3SP – single lane for smaller restaurants,
  • F3D3P – dual dispensing mechanism allows dual product capability and/or faster dispense time

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