Fragranite, for now and forever

Whichever ingredients you choose, the Fragranite sink has got your back. Treated properly, your Fragranite sink will last a lifetime.

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Fashion fades the Style sink ist eternal.

Thanks to its unique design the Style sink brings an innovative aesthetic to the market. Its minimalistic form combines thin walls and soft edges to create a beautiful and elegant workspace for any kitchen. 

Fashion proof color that lasts.

Fragranite is timeless and the color will never fade. So your sink’s elegance will last forever. It is available in a range of styles and colors to suit your taste. 

Germ proof.

Cleanliness is an important ingredient in every recipe, which is why Fragranite is treated with Sanitized®. Its silver ions reduce bacteria and microbe growth by 99% and that means better hygiene and easier clean-up.  

Built to outlast.

Fragranite is made from quartz, one of the hardest materials known to man. The surface remains unaffected by temperatures up to 280°C. Also, Fragranite is resistant to impacts and thermal shock, and even knives won’t scratch the surface. 

Beautifully inviting.

Feel free to invite your guests into your kitchen. A Fragranite sink will never stain. Also it ensures that your sink cleans up quickly and easily, so everyone can admire its design. 

The color of life.

The Fragranite range of colors has been designed to complement any interior decor and blend in perfectly with every kitchen. 

The Fragranite Sink - All but bulletproof

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