Küchenarmatur Orbit Festauslauf massiv Edelstahl

Slim, feature-rich solid stainless steel tap, that's a real steal for the price!

Seamless design that matches all sinks and surfaces

Steeply inclined spout

Small in size, but due to spout height you'll be surprised how easy it is to fill big pots, rinse salads and wash veggies.

Two smart functions to lower your water usage and electricity costs!

Cold water only when lever is parallel to the tap body. Hot water flow starts only when the lever is turned clock-wise. 

2-step water saving Eco cartridge restricts flow to 70% of max. at the first step, only allowing full flow when the handle is lifted to the second step. 

Aerator with laminar flow and improved anti-lime protection.

You'll give thumbs up to the crystal-clear, splash-free, and whisper-quiet water flow provided by Neoperl honeycomb aerator technology.

Produktinformationen zur Küchenarmatur

Modell Festauslauf
Ausführung Hochdruck
Bedienhebel Obenbedienung
Position Bedienhebel TOP
Höhe gesamt 208.00 mm
Höhe Auslauf 152.00 mm
Abstand Auslauf 209.00 mm
Schwenkbereich 360 °
Strahlregler Laminar-Strahlregler
Eco water saving Yes
Easy Lime Cleaning Yes


FUN# 115.0569.290

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