Thin-base pizzas

  • Difficulty: average
  • Temperature: 230°C
  • Time: 38 min.
  • Function: ECO Cooking

Ingredients for 4 pizzas


1000 g Italian 0 flour

550 g water

24 g brewer's yeast

24 g fine-grain salt

6 g granulated sugar

50 g extra-virgin olive oil


Total weight 1654 g




600 g passata

200 g pizza mozzarella

Extra-virgin olive oil, to taste

Salt, to taste

Oregano, to taste

Basil, to taste



Phase 1

Place the flour inside the planetary mixer using the hook and set it at minimum speed.

Phase 2

Pour in all of the yeast, which has already been dissolved in the water, and the sugar.

Phase 3

Pour in the olive oil and salt before the water and flour have mixed together.

Phase 4

Leave the dough to work inside the planetary mixer until it reaches 24 to 26 degrees.

Phase 5

Once all the ingredients have mixed together and the dough has reached 24-26 degrees, make a ball and let it rest in the fridge for 6-12 hours covered with film.

Phase 6

When the dough is ready, divide it into 4 balls of about 413 g and start to roll them out.

Phase 7

Grease the baking tray and the baking paper on the grills with oil, place the stretched dough on top and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

Phase 8

In a bowl, mix together the passata, the basil cut into julienne strips, the dried oregano, the oil and the salt.

Phase 9

Cut the pizza mozzarella into small cubes.

Phase 10

Pierce the dough with a fork.

Phase 11

Put the topping on the dough (1. tomato as a base, 2. mozzarella, 3. a drizzle of olive oil to taste).

Phase 12

Set the oven to "ECO Cooking – Complete menu – 4 pizzas" and follow the instructions on the display.


1 Once the dough is in the fridge, the fridge should be opened as little as possible to avoid temperature changes.
2 If adding extra toppings, do not go overboard.
3 When spreading the dough, start from the middle and work to the edges with your fingertips.
4 Place the two grills in the centre of the shelves,   the baking tray on the lower shelf and the flat baking tray on the upper shelf; always follow the instructions in the booklet.