• Difficulty: easy
  • Temperature: 200°C
  • Time:  38 minutes
  • Function: rapid heating


Serves 4

4 poussins weighing approx. 250 g each

4 cloves of fresh garlic

Rosemary as required

Sage as required

Bay leaves as required

1 lemon

Extra virgin olive oil as required

Total weight: 1000 g


Prepare the poussins, removing the giblets, then wash them and leave them to drain dry.

Chop the rosemary, sage, bay leaves, lemon rind (without the white pith) together and add the salt.

Rub the chickens with oil and season with the chopped herbs, sprinkling some inside too.

Place a clove of crushed garlic in the cavity if you like, removing it before serving.

Lay the seasoned poussins in the roasting tray.

Select the "Poussins" automatic recipe from the oven menu, place in the oven and switch on.

There is no need to preheat the oven.

Chef's top tips

Before cooking, you can also add mustard, olives or cherry tomatoes and serve with French fries or roast potatoes.

I recommend serving accompanied with vegetables au gratin or a tasty mixed salad.

This chicken can be served with a sauce of your choosing, like mayonnaise, guacamole, tamari sauce etc.

This recipe is timed for cooking the 4 poussins only, so if you add potatoes to the roasting tray you will have to allow for extra cooking time, which can range from 15 to 23 minutes approximately.

For this recipe place the dish on level 3