• Difficulty: medium


50 gr Grated Pecorino cheese

2 Hard boiled eggs

300 gr Large maccheroi rigati

200 gr Minced pork

10 gr Olive oil

100 gr Salami

120 gr Salsiccia sausage

  Salt and Pepper


Step 1

Fry the chopped sausage in a frying pan with four tablespoons of oil. When all the fat has been released, add the minced pork and the previously chopped salami. Season with salt and pepper to taste and cook over a medium heat, mixing every now and again and adding a little hot water. Meanwhile, cook the maccheroni in plenty of boiling salted water with a few tablespoons of oil, then drain when al dente.

Step 2

Separate the meat from the juice (save this for later) and mix with the chopped hard boiled eggs.

Step 3

Fill the maccheroni with the mixture, arrange in an oven dish, cover with the meat sauce and plenty of Pecorino and place in the oven.