Plum Cake

  • Difficulty: medium


81 gr Butter

10 gr Candied citron

1 Egg yolks

2 Eggs

200 gr Flour

10 gr Icing sugar

10 gr Malaga Raisins

5 ml Rum

200 gr Sugar

10 gr Sultanas

  Lemon zest


Step 1

Place the butter in a bowl and mix for around twenty minutes until smooth and creamy.

Step 2

Add the eggs one at a time plus one extra egg yolk, then add the sugar and the flour and mix well.

Step 3

When all is mixed in well, add the rum and the raisins and sultanas, previously soaked in warm water and dipped in flour; finally, add the diced citron and some grated lemon zest.

Step 4

Pour the mixture into a buttered and lined rectangular cake tin and place in the oven. Leave to cool and serve sprinkled with icing sugar.