Stuffed Salmon

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Temperature: 180°C
  • Time: 39 minutes
  • Function: Multi Power


50 gr Bread without the crust

50 gr Butter

130 gr Cooking (double/heavy) cream

450 gr Fresh salmon

150 gr Mushrooms

20 gr Onion


  Salt and Pepper


Step 1

Cook the chopped onion in a small pan with a knob of butter until soft.

Step 2

Place the bread, cleaned and thinly sliced raw mushrooms and a little chopped parsley in a dish.

Step 3

Add the onion, salt and pepper and mix well.

Step 4

Butter an oven dish, place a salmon fillet in it and spread the mushroom mixture on top.

Step 5

Cover with another salmon fillet, pour over the hot cream, dot with butter, season with salt and pepper and place in the oven.

For the single recipe place the dish on level 2