Seafood Tagliatelle And Paprika

  • Difficulty: experienced


30 gr Butter

130 gr Champignons

2 Eggs

30 gr Lemon

15 gr Liquid cream

100 gr Mussels

120 gr Shrimps

100 gr Sole fillets

300 gr Tagliatelle

Olive oil


  Salt and Pepper


Step 1

Wash and shell the shrimps. Clean the mussels and open them over a high heat; separate the mussels from their shells. Clean and slice the mushrooms and fry in a pan with a few tablespoons of oil together with the shrimps and the mussels. Add the wine, then season with salt and pepper to taste before removing from the heat.

Step 2

Place the sole fillets in a bowl with a drop of oil, the lemon juice, salt, pepper and paprika and leave to marinate.

Step 3

Meanwhile, add the cream to the sauce, together with some lemon, the egg yolks, diced butter and a dash of pepper and allow to thicken. Cook the tagliatelle very "al dente", garnish with some oil and pour into an oven dish.

Step 4

Lay the sole on top of the tagliatelle and add the mushroom, mussel and shrimp sauce, then pour over the cream sauce. Place in the oven.