Rice, Potatoes And Mussels

  • Difficulty: experienced


150 gr Arborio rice

100 gr Cherry tomatoes

450 gr Mussels

20 gr Olive oil

30 gr Onion

100 gr Potatoes



  Salt and Pepper


Step 1

Wash the mussels and open by hand, carefully reserving the liquid inside. Discard the shells.

Step 2

Peel the potatoes, slice and and then blanch them. Peel and chop the garlic, then clean and slice the onions. Heat up a pan and separately sauté the garlic and onions. Put aside for later. Wash and chop the parsley. Chop the tomatoes.

Step 3

Arrange a layer of potatoes in an oiled oven dish, cover with a little more oil and add the tomatoes, a few slices of onion, salt and pepper. Make a second layer with the mussels. Garnish with parsley, garlic and oil. Cover the mussels with the rice (previously soaked in water).

Step 4

Pour over a little oil and add some more slices of onion; season with salt and pepper to taste. Add a final top layer of potatoes and garnish as above. Add the liquid from the mussels and some water (enough to cover the mixture) and place in the oven.