Smart Suspended FSMS F42 WH MATT Matt White

Available in three chic finishes; black matt, white matt and stainless steel, the Smart Suspended hoods combine sleek design with cutting edge technology. They will make a real statement in the modern home, whilst making light work when it comes to keeping kitchens steam and odour free. 

Hanging from three wires, the Smart Suspended hoods make a unique impression, with clean lines and a distinguished shape. Visitors could be forgiven for thinking it was a designer light fitting. 

When it comes to performance, the Smart Suspended Hood’s simple linear surface makes it easy-to-clean. It is also easy-to-use with a simple to change plug-in carbon filter, making ongoing maintenance hassle free. It offers A-Class rated energy efficiency, with an air capacity of 720m3/h and an impressively low noise level of 68db. Putting it simply, a suspended hood from Franke is a ‘Smart’ decision for any modern kitchen. 

Product Information

Energy Efficiency Class
Capacity Int.
Capacity Max.
600 m3/h
Capacity Min.
320 m3/h
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Int.
73 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Max.
68 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Min.
54 dB(A)
Type of Controls
Soft touch
Outlet tube diameter
Ø 150 mm
Recommended positioning height above hob
450 mm
Charcoal filter

Article Numbers

Article Number

Product Specifications

  • 3 Speed + Intensive
    3 Speed + Intensive


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