hand hygiene sink: HWSS2321W-00

White solid surface Hand Hygiene Sink (Medi-flo) with removable shroud. Left rear 1 1/2" (DN 40) waste location to prevent water from splashing directly into the waste. An anti splash feature runs through the center of the sink to greatly reduce splashing. IR controls trigger an illuminated crystal clear true laminar flow water stream delivering water with dissolved ozone and other mixed oxidants on demand. Ozonated water has been proven as a safe and extremely effective way to help sanitize the sink and the waste and improve the efficiency of hand washing (even if a user does not use soap). Other control features include; a post wash cycle of 3 seconds which ensures all soap residue has been washed down the sink, and a 24 hour ozonation cycle to help keep the drain and trap free of CPOs & other pathogens. Hand hygiene sinks are specifically designed for hand washing only. Not recommended for de-ionized water or with reverse osmosis. 

cUPC Certified and in compliance with CSA B45.5-11/IAPMO Z124-2011 and IGC156-2012el.

Wheelchair accessible: meets ADA (Americans with disabilities act guidelines), ANSI A117.1 (Accessible and usable buildings and facilities), and CSA B651-04 (Accessible design for the built environment). Check local codes to ensure compliance.

An optional thermostatic mixing valve is available. Recommended temperature is 27-35C. 

Patent Pending. Watch our video on YouTube.

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hand hygiene sink: HWSS2321W-00

poids brut18.16 kg
fini de cuvettehautement poli
code du matérielMiranit
type de fixationfixation murale
type de kit de déchetsevacuation bombée
position de trou d'évacuationarrière gauche
kit de déchets inclusoui
taille des déchetsDN 40
Cuve profondeur9 3/4''
Cuve intérieur avant arrière17 3/8''
Cuve intérieur gauche à droite21 5/8''
Extérieur avant arrière21''
Extérieur hauteur23 3/8''
Extérieur gauche à droite22 15/16''
fini de surfacehautement poli

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