“Thinking and acting in a sustainable way is simply a must. Ecological, economical, and social aspects shall be considered in whatever we do – from office to production floor.
Sustainability means fairness towards future generations. Everything we do should be made in a way that all of us can face our children with clear conscience.
I trust in all Franke employees to take responsibility and work on sustainable solutions for our customers.”
Michael Pieper, Owner and President/CEO Franke Artemis Group

Detailed information on sustainability at Franke including the Sustainability Report can be found at the corporate website: www.franke.com/sustainability

ISO 18,001 Health & Safety Employees

Franke Kindred Canada is committed to the Health and Safety of our employees. As an active member of the EMC Safety Group since 2007, we are working towards ISO18,001 certification in the year 2014.

Franke Kindred has achieved seven years without a lost time injury (as of 2012), and in 2009 won the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) Level 3 Safety award.

Ontario Ministry of Environments Toxic Reductions Acts Reports

Franke Kindred Canada is dedicated to continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, through reduction of toxic waste as a result of manufacturing. Certification of our compliance to the Ontario Ministry of Environment's Toxic Reductions Acts are available to download below.