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Franke EZ TORQUE is a new and innovative fastener used to secure the rim of the topmount sink ledge tight to the countertop. It was developed in North America by Canadian engineer, Colin Wisniewski, at the Franke Kindred Canada manufacturing plant. This innovation was borne out of his personal experience installing sinks. He recognized there was a need to speed up and simplify installation to save time and effort. This new method also eliminates the occasional loss of fastening clamps on the job site as the clips are now factory installed. Time and ease of installation are major factors in the commercial industry where many sinks will be installed on one job site. EZ TORQUE is the perfect solution. Only Franke brand topmount sinks feature this revolutionary factory installed fastener.


In the past, an installer would hang the supplied fasteners at specified locations around the sink ledge as indicated in the instructions. Then, the sink would have to be carefully lowered through a cut-out hole in the countertop, ensuring that dangling clips do not get knocked off or stuck in the process. This method then required holding a drill in one hand and using the other to locate and steady each clamp while tightening. The new EZ TORQUE system eliminates these issues. No more laying on your back inside a cabinet. No more lost clips.

Installing a sink the new Franke way has never been faster, or easier. Franke's EZ TORQUE robust design of steel and polymer resin is superior in strength and performance, allowing installers to get the job done right, without hassle, in less time than the competition.


Andrew George

"It's dummy-proof. You don't have to hold onto the clip especially when the sink is in an undersized cabinet with only 1/2" of countertop to clamp.”


Tony Dirienzo

"I like that the clips come attached to the sink. When the cutout is tight, it's hard with the old fastening system to line up and drop the bolt and claw through the cutout. It's the best fastening system I've seen...and I've been in the business for 30 years.”


Remo Daguanno

“It saves a lot of time.”

“I like the one handed installation.”


Mike Orofiamma with Kevin Amaral

"I like it. I don't have to mess around with loose fasteners. It's the easiest fastening system I've ever used.”

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Miguel Primeau, Roger Deziel Inc.

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