Franke Innovations


Franke Develops Another Z8000 Compliant Sink

Medi-flo™ (HWSS2321W-00) is a revolutionary hospital sink that dispenses ozonated water to improve the effectiveness of hand washing and keeps the sink waste/trap clear of harmful biofilms.

Z8000 Hand Hygiene Sink Series

Franke is Z8000 Compliant!!

Franke developed Canada's 1st Z8000 compliant hand hygiene sink series. A guideline for HOSPITAL DESIGN; the Z8000 sink meets the standards for infectious control in a number of ways. Franke's hand hygiene basins represent solid research and development, superior engineering, and an 'above and beyond' approach to the Z8000 requirements.


Franke EZ TORQUE™ Fastening System

The Franke EZ TORQUE™ fastener is Franke Kindred Canada’s newest innovation for 2014. This revolutionary method replaces the industry standard’s universal mounting system which hasn’t changed much over the past thirty years.