Custom-made Solutions

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Custom-made Solutions

Where standard solutions are not suitable or cannot meet the installation’s requirements, Franke Commercial Systems provides the expertise and capability to develop, plan, design and build the solutions to suit the needs of architects, planners and building developers.

Custom Countertops

Tops are available in all sizes and configurations, with sink bowls integrally welded into the top.

Tops may be flat or slope to the sink. All sloped tops have a 6mm drop to the sink bowl.

Custom Sink with Drainboard

Choose from a wide range of options, such as overflow, standpipe, slope of the drainboard and drop-in or undermount

Custom Scullery Sinks

In addition to our standard scullery sinks, we offer scullery sinks fabricated to your specification.

Custom Options

Download a copy of this checklist for ordering your Comnmercial Systems custom fabricated product.