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Innovations for strengthening your coffee business


Innovative - flexible - highest in-cup quality 

We at Franke put all our competence, energy and joy into the development of new products that help you create that one moment for your customers.

Innovative, reliable and precisely tailored to your needs - as always at Franke - are new additions to our portfolio: IndividualMilk Technology*, Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200) in a more compact POS format, Optical Cup Recognition*, and even more compact and versatile solutions for our small-but-powerful professional machine, the A300* and the new Franke Coffee Service Cart*.

*Currently unavailable in North America.


Pure milk choices for mindful coffee lovers, now to go

Expand your self-serve beverage menus and enhance customer loyalty, all with one coffee machine and an unparalleled variety of delicious, high quality, vegan and dairy coffee specialties. New IndividualMilk Technology ensures your coffee business respects consumer choices for mindful nutrition. Available exclusively on Franke’s Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200), IndividualMilk Technology guarantees each milk choice is absolutely free of cross-contamination or residues, from storage through to cup. 

Maximum choice and flexibility saves space for any POS

Your self-serve coffee lovers can enjoy an unparalleled selection of delicious coffee specialties from any point-of-sale space you manage with the Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200) in its new, more compact footprint. Combining the flexibility of modular design with the Franke Coffee Technologies you rely on for creating a vast variety of beverages, from espresso and milk/foam coffees, to iced coffee, cold brew, flavored drinks, and including vegan variations with IndividualMilk Technology, any POS space can become a productive space. 

Volume is the new in-cup dimension for strong results

Boost profits by stamping out waste as well as POS confusion. When your self-serve coffee machine accurately matches coffee beverage output to the correct sized cup, your coffee lovers enjoy a smoother experience, and you can reap the benefits. Franke’s Optical Cup Recognition technology identifies in-cup volume, in real time going beyond standard cup recognition solutions. User-friendly graphics on the coffee machine’s touchscreen creates an easy-to-follow dialog so your coffee lovers enjoy the correct beverage style and size that matches their cup.

Flexibility and convenience for premium coffee everywhere

The Franke A300’s compact appeal keeps high performance and premium coffee beverages available anywhere space is limited. Sporting an award-winning design and serving up high in-cup quality for 100 different coffee specialties beverages, the fully automatic professional coffee continuing to play to its strengths. A new matching 3l cooling unit creates a sleeker footprint and adds versatility. It also lets the A300 fit perfectly on the new Franke Coffee Service Cart, so you’re free to serve your coffee lovers everywhere.   

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