List of Abbreviations

1 A Fully automatic
2 AC Accounting system
3 BIM File for building information modeling
4 CAD File for computer-aided design
5 CC Coin changer
6 CC05 Chill & Cup 5 l (cooling unit and cup warmer for max. 80 cups)
7 CGSh Coffee grounds separator - hanging version
8 CGSs Coffee grounds separator - standing version
9 CH Swiss version
10 CL Cashless
11 CM CleanMaster cleaning system
12 CN Chinese version
13 CSP Cleaning supplies passport
14 CV Coin validator
15 CW270 Cup warmer (width 270 mm)
16 de German language
17 DPE Diaphragm pump external
18 DM Double Media Pump Module
19 EC EasyClean cleaning system
20 en English language
21 EU European version
22 FM FoamMaster (cold and warm milk, cold and warm milk foam)
23 FOV Feature overview
24 FS30 Flavor Station (add-on unit, 3 flavor pumps)
25 FS60 Flavor Station (add-on unit, 6 flavor pumps)
26 FSU30 Flavor Station (placed under the counter, 3 flavor pumps)
27 FSU60 Flavor Station (placed under the counter, 6 flavor pumps)
28 FSU60 CM Flavor Station FSU60 CM (placed under the counter, 6 flavor pumps, CleanMaster)
29 FV Front view
30 G Grinder
31 GB British version
32 H Hot water spout
33 IC Iced Coffee Module
34 IMT IndividualMilk Technology
35 ISU Instruction for safe use
36 JP Japanese version
37 KE200 4 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
38 l Large (tall A300 version)
39 MS Milk system
40 MU Milk pump module
41 NM NoMilk (no steam wand, no steam boiler)
42 OF Order form
43 OM One Media Pump Module
44 P Powder system
45 QF Foodservice equipment
46 s Small (low version A300)
47 S Semi automatic
48 S1 Steam wand (manual)
49 S2 Autosteam (steam wand with temperature sensor)
50 S3 Autosteam Pro (steam wand with temperature sensor and programmable milk foam consistency)
51 SB Specialty Beverage Station
52 SDS Safety data sheet
53 SU03 3 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
54 SU05 5 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
55 SU12 12 l cooling unit (add-on unit)
56 SV Side view
57 TA Take Away (larger version)
58 Tank Internal water tank
59 TD Technical Datasheet
60 TS TwoStep (manual milk foam production using steam boiler and steam wand)
61 TT Tender text
62 TV Top view
63 Twin Twin system (2 fully automatics with 1 cooling unit)
64 UC05 5 l cooling unit (placed under the coffee machine)
65 UC09 9 l cooling unit (placed under the coffee machine)
66 US US version
67 UT05 5 l cooling unit (placed under the counter)
68 UT12 12 l cooling unit (placed under the counter)
69 UT40 CM 4x10 l cooling unit (placed under the counter, CleanMaster)
70 W1 Internal water tank + mains water connection (optional)
71 W2 Mains water connection + internal water tank (optional)
72 W3 Internal water tank
73 W4 Mains water connection
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