Pure relaxation

It's all about the moment for calm and relaxation. A moment to forget the stress and rush of everyday life. Take a deep breath and get ready to face the increasing hustle and bustle of the gastronomy business, while keeping a cool head. 


Enjoy a relaxed moment at the restaurant

Relaxation is always a good thing and may even be a real necessity in your busy line of work. No matter how stressful your restaurant gets, your customers can enjoy a moment of relaxation together with Franke and delicious, perfect coffee – and so can you. Take a break and let the tension slip away. Then you can get back to work feeling refreshed.

Limitless inspiration

Our A800 opens the door to endless possibilities, allowing you to serve coffee in new and innovative ways.

A new level of indulgence

The A1000 has been designed for personalized moments of enjoyment, providing anyone who asks with their favorite type of coffee.

Create your coffee moment now

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