Pure luxury

It's all about the moment that lifts your mood. Dive into an atmosphere of luxury. Take time for yourself and enjoy the finer things – exclusive fine dining, a day at the beach, or a great coffee experience together with Franke. Treat yourself to a brief, exquisite moment of 'me time' during a hectic working day. 


Enjoy a luxurious moment at the office

Couldn't we all do with a break now and then – a quick escape from the daily grind at the office? Looking at it from another perspective – we can all agree it’s these small moments of indulgence that bring us the most happiness. So take a moment of luxury, of calm and wellness, compliments of Franke. Completely unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy maximum relaxation with just a pinch of glamour. 

Outstanding coffee experiences come in small packages

Our A300 machine ensures that absolutely everyone can enjoy professional-quality coffee experiences.

A successful addition to any business

Our A400 delivers premium coffee enjoyment for any kind of business. 

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