Pure luxury

It's all about the moment that lifts your mood. Dive into an atmosphere of luxury. Take time for yourself and enjoy the finer things – exclusive fine dining, a day at the beach, or a coffee experience together with Franke. Treat yourself to a brief, exquisite moment of 'me time' during a hectic working day at the convenience store.


Enjoy a luxurious moment on the go

Couldn't we all do with a break now and then – a quick escape from the daily grind of the convenience store? Looking at it from another perspective – we can all agree it’s these small moments of indulgence that bring us the most happiness. So, take a moment of luxury, of calm and wellness, compliments of Franke. Completely unwind, rejuvenate and enjoy maximum relaxation with just a pinch of glamour.

A new level of indulgence

The A1000 has been designed for personalized moments of enjoyment, providing anyone who asks with their favorite type of coffee.

Maximum choice. Maximum flexibility. Minimum effort.

Take customer satisfaction to new heights with our revolutionary, versatile Specialty Beverage Station. 

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