iQFlow™ – consistent, high in-cup quality, in every cup, all the time


It’s all about the moment when every cup of coffee you make is a success.

Every cup of coffee your business serves could be someone’s very first coffee moment at your location. So, whether you own or run a restaurant, bakery, office, shared workspace, convenience store, shop, or cafeteria, you need to make every first coffee experience with your brand count.

Grow your coffee business, enhance customer loyalty, and improve profits by serving great coffee experiences, cup after cup, from the first in the morning, to the last at night.

With iQFlow™, Franke’s patented, intelligent aroma extraction process, you can rely on consistent high-level in-cup quality in every cup. Programmable to your customized aroma profiles, iQFlow™ is an essential technology for keeping your existing customers happy, winning over new coffee enthusiasts, and seeing your coffee business grow. 

Practical, proven science

iQFlow™ is unique. Scientifically tested and proven, iQFlow™   brewing technology repeatedly matches the pre-defined extraction profiles you define. This means its consistent performance for high-level in-cup quality successfully removes any guesswork as well as the need for flow adjustments. 

Optimize your resources

Cutting-edge and fully automatic, Franke Coffee Technologies’ iQFlow™ accurately and efficiently extracts full aroma, flavor, and body from every roasted coffee bean. Consistent, constant pressure throughout the entire extraction time means each roasted bean is used to its fullest potential for each drink on your menu. 

Craft your signature aroma

Your brand has a taste, a signature aroma that your customers come to know and expect.  iQFlow™ lets you decide how to develop and craft these flavor profiles so they express your vision and appeal to your customers. And, once you’ve designed the perfect coffee experience, each coffee beverage you serve has the same flavor and in-cup quality as it did the last time you served it, regardless whether it was in the last minute, the last month, or even at another brand location. 

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